St Mary's Church Haverfordwest

Restoration - Donors - Phase One

Donations have been gratefully received from:

Friends of St Mary's
Allchurches Trust Ltd
Mr & Mrs JH Ambrey

Mr George Armstrong
The Arts Club

Austin Bailey Foundation
Mrs Pat Barker
Miss E Mary Barton
J & G Bland (Motors) Ltd
Mrs AM Bravey
Mr & Mrs DEG Brown
Mrs E Mary Brown

Mrs P Brown
Mr & Mrs BC Burgess
Mrs SM Bushell
Miss H Mary Callery

Cambrian Lodge of Freemasons

Camrose WI
Mary Carless

Carningli, Newport, WI
Stephen Clark Trust

Mr H Crabtree
County Clothes Ltd
Mr Peter Crockett

Crundale over 60s
Mr DL Davies
Mr Howell Davies
Mr & Mrs JR Davies
Mr Peter Davies
Dinas Cross WI
Mr RC Driver
Mrs A Earle
Eaton-Evans & Morris

Mrs Margaret Edwards

Alan Evans Memorial Trust

Canon & Mrs Derek Evans
Mr & Mrs JC Evans
Mr & Mrs CEC Evans
Mrs NE Evans
Miss Olive Evans
Miss PM Evans
Mrs Winnie Evans
Mr G Fanstone
Mr JAR Folland
Mr & Mrs GAB Foster
Mrs TG Fuller
Garfield Weston Foundation
Gild of Freemen
Rev CL Gillham
Greens Group Ltd
Canon & Mrs TH Grey
Mr WJ Grey DFC
Miss MD Griffiths
Mrs V Mary Griffiths
Trustees Mrs FB Hammond decd
Miss BEM Harries
Miss BI Harries

Mrs Mary Harries

Dr & Mrs PG Harries

Miss LV Harris

Hwest Ladies Choir

Hwest Lions Club

Hwest Townwomens Guild

Mr WS Hayden

Hayle MV Choir

Hayscastle WI
Miss Delma Hopkins
Mr Ken Howel


Return to Restoration

Hubberston WI

Mr & Mrs CGM Hughes

Mrs M Hunt

Miss Mari Hupfield

Dr John L James
Mr GE Jenkins MBE
Mr & Mrs Hylton John

Mr Jack Johns
Dr RG Johns

Mr & Mrs PT Johnson
Mr & Mrs RGS Johnston
Mr & Mrs John Jones
Mr & Mrs Wyn Jones
Mrs E Mary Jones

Mr & Mrs JM Kennedy

Kilgetty WI
Miss ME Lang
Lamphey WI
Layton & Co

Mr JF Ling
Miss JES Lloyd-Davies

Prof & Mrs DA Long
RK Lucas & Son

Mr Gavin Marchant
Marloes Mothers Union

Mr & Mrs AH Martin
Anonymous Mary's x 2

Mrs Sheila Medlock
Mr Dillwyn Miles
Mitchell Trust
Ethel & Gwynne Morgan Trust
Mr & Mrs GR Morgan
Mrs Sheila Morgan
Mrs E Mary Morris
Bisley H Munt & Sons
Mrs Mary Murchison
Narberth WI
Mrs D Mary Nicholas
Miss Mary GD Nixon
Mrs PB Odling
Mr GJ Oliver
Parti Canol Ysgol Croesgoch
Mr & Mrs G Peachment
Sir John Perrot's Trust
Dr Mary E Perry
The Hon Miss G Philipps
Mary Philipps (USA)
Mr HCF Phillips
Mrs Shirley Phillips
Cllr WC Philpin OBE
Mr GD Pillinger
Mrs NCA Pyart

Mrs JFR Quint

Mrs Mary Rees
RAFA Haverfordwest Branch
Bishop & Mrs Ivor Rees

Mr MJ Reynolds
Mrs B Rich
Mr WD Richards
Mr & Mrs PW Richards
Mr & Mrs RA Roberts

Mr Mark Robertson

Mr RS Robertson
Roch Choir
Mr & Mrs D Roch-James

Mr Wm Ross
Rotary Club of Hwest

Mrs FM Rowe
Mr & Mrs J Ryan
St Issels WI, Saundersfoot
Mrs VA Sanders

Vicky Sangster
Mrs BJ Shelley
Miss Judith Small

Mrs May Spencer
Mrs BE Summers
Mr KJ Thomas
Tavernspite WI
Mrs Jeanne Thomas
Mr Maldwyn Thomas
Miss Mary Thomas

Thornton WI
Mr P Thorpe
Top Town Traders Assn
Mrs BJ Tubb
Mr & Mrs OHG Warlow

Mr & Mrs GF Warren
Mr & Mrs J Warren

Welsh Church Act Fund Rev GV Whitfield MBE
Mrs HR Williams
Mrs JE Mary Williams
Mr FJW Winship

Wolfson Foundation
Mr RF Woodman
Mrs C Mary Woodman




In memoriam

Mary Carless
Mrs Lilian Mary Crockett

Ida Mary Griffiths
Mrs Mary Johns
Mrs Mary Jones
Mrs Mary McConnochie
Mrs Mary Pillinger

Wyn Jones

F Mary Pammenter
Tom Powell
Mrs Mary Radcliffe(snr)
Mrs Mary Radcliffe(jnr)

Mrs Nancy (Mary) Rees

Mrs Mary (Molly) Warlow
Mrs Mary (Polly) Watkins
Mrs Mary Ann Weston


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