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Friends of St Mary's Church


* To educate the public and to mobilise, encourage, foster and maintain the interest and support of the public in St Mary's Church.

* To publish papers, books, periodicals, reports and other documents.

* To hold meetings, lectures, exhibitions and discussions.

* To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person, persons or organisations

We can continue to provide for the maintenance of the Church only by generous donations and support of the Friends and friends.

From 1999 to 2011 we donated £22,672.11 towards the Church expenses.

2012 for £90 saw the Vicar's name carved on the list of clergy board (£50) and the cost of the annual website and domain hosting (£40).

During 2013 we gave £2,375.00 towards the Heating Appeal (£2,000), a further donation to the cremated remains garden (£300), annual website and domain hosting (£40) and membership of PAVS (£35).

During 2014, £1,565 met the Church Restoration Appeal (£1,275), list of clergy board amended (£50), church notice board (£165.60), website and PAVS (£75).

In 2015 a church special events banner (£316) was provided, website and PAVS (£80), and restoration bill paid (£94) totalling £490

During 2016 we purchased 48 Topo folding chairs with a storage trolley (£2,502), an Austrian scythe (£170), and website hosting (£45) totallling £2,717

In 2017 the Friends purchased a Yamaha Digital Piano for St Mary's

(£1499) which will much appreciated by those performing in the many concerts and other music events which are held in the church.

In total the Friends have contributed £31408

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